About Dar Yafa

Dar Yafa was established in 1990 in the capital of Jordan; Amman, where it began its work actively in distributing books with a focus on academic publication and Textbooks in particular, until 1997 when it issued its first publication which was an academic book for community colleges, and then launched the publishing process, where the number of publications reached 600 titles so far.

Dar Yafa focuses on university books written by academic researchers or faculty members to ensure that each publication adds value to the Arabic library. Dar Yafa’s publication covers more than 15 major topics, including Arabic language studies and Islamic studies, in addition to social, political, and historical studies related to the Arab region and many more.


(Wael Eid) holds a civil engineering degree in 1986, but his work in the publishing and distribution profession during the stages of his studies was the strong motive to go to this profession and follow his passion towards research, publishing, and printing.

Wael held several positions during his community activities in the publishing field, including Vice President of the Jordanian Publishers Association, and he is an active member of the Jordanian Writers Union and many civil publishing, culture, and literature society organizations.



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